Hey guys


I’m Aloysius and I come from pretty humble beginnings. During my formative years, I played poker for close to a decade, spending a few years in Macau. It started off with micro stakes playing for $0.1/0.2 home games and I slowly worked my way up to the high stakes in Macau ( $1k/$2k HKD ).

It was pretty joyous ( and stressful) days where we hustled Chinese whales from Mainland China and also crunched numbers using softwares to achieve game theory optimal strategies ( GTO ) to stay ahead vs the rest of the professionals.

Wynn Poker Room Macau

Subsequently, there was a great opportunity to move towards a booming industry of e-commerce and I transited over with my partner Galvin. It went fairly well from a 2 man startup grinding 100 hour work weeks to a tidy 30man+ operation that covers the different departments necessary for e-commerce. We had to do everything in initial stages and slowly that was delegated out to the team handling different departments such as customer support, creative work, media buying, fulfillment and strategy.

Palawan Team Retreat 2017

Our team did pretty substantive numbers that placed us within the top 1% of shopify stores worldwide. Facebook invited my partner and I to speak at a Facebook SEA conference to other e-commerce players around Asia and it was definitely an eye opener to meet people in the similar industry sharing the same passion.


Currently, I am focused in deep tech, more specifically blockchain technology.

Facebook SEA e-commerce conference 2017