Ex professional poker player

    •  Played close to a decade with a few years in Macau ( 2007- 2016)

    •  Started from the online micro stakes games up to high stakes live poker in Macau ( $1k/$2k HKD blinds ) 

    •  Used heads up display softwares to track hand histories and obtain data on frequencies and player tendencies.

    •  Used solver softwares to move decision making from intuition to numbers backed game theory optimal strategies.

    •  Emotionally trained to handle large capital swings and drawdowns 

    •  Profitable winner during the full stint of career ( no losing years )


    •  Entered the e-commerce space in 2016, when the direct-to-consumer model is trending

    •  Broke 6 figures in sales in the first 6 months , 7 figures by the first year. 

    •  Invited speaker of SEA Facebook Conference 

    •  Crossed 8 figures in sales by 2nd year. 

    •  5 years consecutive top 1% of shopify sites worldwide

    •  Fully remote team from inception

    •  Currently working on a DTC e-commerce brand focusing on recovery and performance technology.

Palawan Team Retreat 2017
Facebook SEA e-commerce conference 2017