On word of mouth marketing

On word of mouth marketing

The real word of mouth marketing comes from exceeding expectations.  If the product is oversold with over-the-top flashy marketing or exorbitant prices , even a high quality product may not garner word of mouth marketing.

海底捞 hotpot steamboat chain is famous for being to first to turn a regular hotpot restaurant into a kingly experience with top notch customer service. People expected hotpot , quality ingredients , but mostly did not expect such customer service. The word of mouth happened.

Finding ways to overdeliver on the expectations set can help garner the raving fans , community or word of mouth marketing. Another interesting example I had was that I observed a real estate agent fighting fiercely for their client for their rights to the extent of shouting on the phone. This created a situation where this memorable event was easy to recount when the client was doing referral introductions — there was a strong differentiator experience in a field where most agents are perceived to bring similar value.



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