On going with the flow of nature

On going with the flow of nature

10 Spectacular Trees for Courtyards and Tight Spaces

During my evening walk yesterday, I noticed a beautiful tree planted in the middle of a courtyard of a big house. Further down my walk — a beautiful forest with plenty of trees.

It struck to me that the building of a house requires enormous efforts ; the landscaping , construction and so on. All these resources goes against the flow of nature as opposed to a forest where trees are all over the place.

It takes great cost to go against the force of nature

Application wise would be to think of how we can use the flow of nature to our advantage instead of going against it  — which would be heavily disadvantageous and costly.

Examples of using the flow of nature to our advantage 
1) Leveraging on a business macro trend to kickoff a business – extremely important as timing and trend can carry a business more than execution and raw intelligence in many cases.

2) To be careful assigning manpower to do things that are they not specialized in or great at doing – especially in startup context where ‘ cross functionality ‘ is a buzz word

3) In a shorter term investment timeframe it’s not advisable to bet/short against the uptrend or hype, since you will be able to predict how far it will go

It does seems like there’s plenty of ways that we can use this thought philosophy to our advantage, and it bears some similarities to the path of least resistance concept. If you do have any examples please leave a comment in the section below.

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