On interest / disinterest

On interest / disinterest

There have been moments of disinterest and interest in certain activities that I undertake such as reading or sports.

I found that a goal and a pathway towards that goal helped in piquing interest. Examples are
1) Beating a friend in a game of chess or Tetris
2) Trying to achieve a proficiency grade for Piano

Inversely, I have lost interest through lack of direction or goal.
1) Feeling stagnant in a certain activity without growth
2) Lack of a opponent goalpost

Some hacks to help pique interest in a subject that you still want to keep around
1) Introducing a coach that can give you guidance and a pathway , as well as a goal.
2) Understanding that mastery of a certain subject may bring returns in other fields. Quantify that returns and it becomes justifiable / motivating


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