On Morning Routines

On Morning Routines

After going through numerous variations of morning routines, there’s plenty of observations I’ve gathered through the years.

  • The morning routines can get difficult to sustain especially if
    • They get stacked into an incredulously long session ( 1-2 hours + anyone? )
    • They are misaligned to your highest needs and values — many people do it just because someone else is doing it, not because it serves them
    • You’re having a bad day and you let the habit chain break ( lesser willpower or poorer physical performance )

Figuring out how to make the above points sustainable helped me keep to my morning routines and feel better whenever I start the day.

Here’s a hack I’ve done consistently over many years : Break down morning routines into layers

Layer 1 : 15 gulps of water + 10 deep breaths

Layer 2 : Read a chapter of a book

Layer 3 : Go for a 30 mins run ( and so on… )


Layer 1 is something I almost never compromise , even on my worst days. Why? Because it’s easily achievable but yet it sets myself up for an early win. On the better days, complete more layers of the morning routine. Give it a go and let me know what you guys think!

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