On taking more accountability

On taking more accountability

One of the things that Naval Ravikant has been pushing for is taking accountability in your work by putting your name up on it. This is interesting as he believes there is a higher risk but when there is success , you will get the recognition and rewards more.

It is very counter intuitive especially in Asian culture, I have pushed myself to do a bit of it more but sometimes it does not feel natural to me.  In any case I shall keep observing to see whether this is true in most cases.

Another concept tying up to this is the principal-agent problem . If you want to get the job done well , go do it yourself. If not , send someone to do it. The idea is that the owners ( principal ) will always have more ownership than the agents thus will always do a better job. Naval recommends people who find themselves sitting in a position to act like the principal ( owner ) , and one day they will become the owner.

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